3D Holographic Screen

Life Size 3D Holographic Experiences Without 3D Glasses

3D Holo Screens For Future for Meetings, Training, and Events

Say goodbye to boring events, meetings, seminars, and presentations. High-definition 3D holographic experiences without needing 3D glasses. Take corporate events, walkthroughts, product showcasing to a whole new level with Vision 3D’s immersive holographic experiences.

Don’t let your brand be recognized for ordinary things, include 3D holographic experiences into your marketing strategy, and boost revenues, customer engagement, and more.

Engage Large Audiences

There are basic events, and presentations every day. To address huge audiences, you need virtual help. Our 3D holographic screens help you address the audience even while sitting in another city. Our proprietary technology helps you address thousands of people virtually, using 3D holograms.  

Another use case is enhancing the learning experience for kids. Virtual classrooms can have virtual teachers to keep students engaged. Whenever the speaker can’t make it to the physical venue, the technology projects the speaker on 3D Hologram. 

3D Holographic Screen

3D Holo Screen Use Cases

3D Holographic Screen
  • Education -3D virtual lectures and addresses when teachers aren’t present.
  • Museum -Presentations, Stage Talks, Conferences, and more with 3D screens.
  • Corporate Events - Boosting corporate events with 3D holographic screens.
  • Events -Address audiences in auditoriums, conference halls, and more.
  • Entertainment -Market and advertise your products and service with no limitations.

3D Screens That Supersede Expectations

Project humans, objects, and animated 3D videos as holograms without the need for 3D glasses to view holograms.

3D Holographic Screen

3D holograms without 3D glasses

3D Holographic Screen

Unlimited detail

3D Holographic Screen

Build unique experiences

3D Holographic Screen

Businesses and entertainment

3D Holographic Screen

Multi-user engagement

3D Holographic Screen

Endless opportunities


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